North Meets South Web Podcast
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Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda conquer a 14.5 hour time difference to talk about life as web developers

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    Event sourcing, auditing, and finite state machines

    Jake and Michael make their return to discuss event sourcing, auditing and reporting, and finite state machines after a busy real life schedule kept them away from recording for a month!

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    ANZACs, queues, and file uploads

    Jake and Michael return in an irregular time slot to discuss ANZACs, scaling Laravel, queues, handling file uploads, and more!

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    Mechanical keyboards, shared databases, and code thoughts

    Jake and Michael discuss their new keyboards, Michael tells us about an app using shared database models and migrations he got into production, and we both discuss the code thoughts experiment on Telegram.

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    Stimulus, Glitch, and smart speakers

    Jake and Michael talk about the latest open source contribution from Basecamp, Stimulus, keeping up to date with new technology, and smart speakers.

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    Work, Books and Movies, and Controversy

    In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Cash Money Cowork members TJ Miller and Andrew Del Prete to talk about work, books and movies they've been reading, and controversial topics.

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    Model accessors, style guides, and Nomads

    Jake and Michael return for 2018 and discuss model accessors for relationships, documenting style guides, shared database migrations, and more!

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    Professor Plum in the library with a wrench

    In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about Clue, Laracon, working with legacy applications and migrations, machine learning, and CSRF protection.

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    Secret trips, status pages, and communication

    In this episode, Michael teases about the secret purpose of his Sydney trip, before moving on to the topic of status pages and reporting service disruptions, as well as communicating with peers.

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