Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda conquer a 14.5 hour time difference to talk about life as web developers

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The one about permissions

Jake and Michael discuss some different approaches to role-based permissions, and how to tackle assignment, management, and authorisation of them.

A Belated Christmas Extravaganza

Jake and Michael are joined by TJ Miller (still not the actor), Chris Gmyr, and David Hemphill (neither of whom are actors, either) to look back at 2022, forward to 20...

The one about documentation

Jake and Michael discuss the various forms of documentation that can live within an organisation, where to put it, how to find it, and how to keep it up to date.

Developer's Minifesto, agile theatre, and misccellaneous rambling

Jake and Michael discuss the developer's minifesto, some of the theatre that goes into organisational Agile, and Michael goes off on some incoherent rambling about all...

Evaluating value objects, unspeakable forks, and moving validation down

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk more about using value objects, forking Saloon and backporting it for PHP 7.4 support, and moving validation deeper into your ap...

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