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Tangential promotions, Stripe customer portal in practice, and handling plan changes

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss Jake's new job title and responsibilities, using Stripe's Checkout and Customer Portal in practice, as well as approaches to handling plan downgrades for resourced plans.

A newborn, a cavapoo, and a lite valet with David Hemphill

Jake and Michael are joined by David Hemphill, to talk about his latest project, Valet Lite.

Teams, Billing, and Parades of Ninjas

Jake and Michael are joined by Yaz, to talk about approaches to managing teams in Laravel applications, as well as Stripe Checkout.

Command hooks, HTTP fakes, and high-density images

Jake and Michael discuss the perils of 3M command hooks, scrape the surface of Laravel's excellent HTTP testing library, and discuss high-density images for the web.

CloudFlare, launch plans, and handling complex data flows

Jake and Michael discuss some of the great, free tooling from CloudFlare, launch and pricing plans for, and handling complex data flows with data pipelines.

Handling alerts, command pipelines, and (un)masked passwords

Jake and Michael discuss how they're tackling alerts and customer notifications in, command pipelines, and the curious case of (un)masked password fields.

Scheduled tasks alerts, edge casees, and honing your message

Jake and Michael talk through the final stages of preparation to unleash their Laravel scheduled task monitoring SaaS to people signed up for the beta.

The Nine Nine, HTTP Gateways, and calculated mutexes

Jake and Michael discuss whether or not Brooklyn Nine-Nine should become a show about the USPS, approaches to testing HTTP endpoints, and resolving issues in Thenpingme when identifying tasks.

Mikado, Refactoring Gurus, and Argo

Jake and Michael discuss the Mikado Method, the refactoring guru, and the magic of Cloudflare Argo.

DTOs, Enums, and Divinations

Jake and Michael discuss the use of DTOs and Enums in their upcoming SaaS, thenpingme, and catch up with Caneco to discuss the design work he's been doing for the community.

Payment processing, when to extract classes, and failure alerts

Jake and Michael discuss the joys of payment processing, when to extract methods to dedicated classes, and handling failure alerts in

Streaming, working from home, and trapping mail

Jake and Michael discuss their foray into streaming, what it's like working from home (and staying there!), and some of their favourite tooling for local mail testing.

Hoarding toilet paper, project health, and staying home

Jake and Michael share how their lives have changed in the two weeks since the last episode thanks to the state of the world, and brainstorm how they plan on managing project health in their upcoming SaaS,

Insurance, validation outside of HTTP requests, and event sourcing

Jake and Michael discuss vehicle insurance, health insurance, validation outside of HTTP requests, event sourcing, and more!

Hiding magic strings, leveraging language files, and reaching for vendor libraries

Jake and Michael discuss using enums to hide away magic strings and numbers, leveraging language files for communication with app users, and when to reach for vendor libraries.

Tracking task executions, identifying missing tasks, and long episode names

Jake and Michael get deep into discussion on approaches to tracking scheduled tasks, identifying when tasks go missing, and talk about varying task states.

Privacy focus, email woes, and too much logging

Jake and Michael return to discuss focusing on privacy, sending LOTS of email quickly, and how much logging is too much logging.

Barbara Walters, queue woes, and email processing

Jake and Michael return for 2020 to discuss all things Barbara Walters, Redis queues, processing email in Laravel, and an overdue update on

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