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Developer's Minifesto, agile theatre, and misccellaneous rambling

Jake and Michael discuss the developer's minifesto, some of the theatre that goes into organisational Agile, and Michael goes off on some incoherent rambling about all...

Evaluating value objects, unspeakable forks, and moving validation down

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk more about using value objects, forking Saloon and backporting it for PHP 7.4 support, and moving validation deeper into your ap...

Encrypted environments, encrypted data, and magic constructors

Jake and Michael discuss the new environment encryption functionality in Laravel, encrypting application data, and using (very?) magic named constructors.

Scheduling conflicts, validation beyond the request, and the return of in-person events

Jake and Michael discuss some ways to leverage Laravel's validation functionality along with value objects to improve your validation logic, refactoring applications, ...

Using SOAP with Luke Downing

Jake is joined by Luke Downing to discuss working with and testing SOAP interfaces with modern PHP.

Iterating on large features, bubbling exceptions, and composable actions

Jake and Michael discuss approaches to building multi-week features, leaning on Laravel to handle bubbling up of exceptions, and using composable actions to provide mu...

Migrating from Vapor, green energy, and housing your validation

Jake and Michael discuss migrating off of Laravel Vapor and the teething issues that ensued, which somehow segued into provisioning of green energy, and en...

Speeding towards Vite, Shifty workbenches, and documenting your applications with JMac

Jake and Michael are joined by Laravel Shift's Jason McCreary (JMac) to discuss to latest frontend tooling for Laravel, Shift Workbench, and approaches to documenting ...

Keeping review time down, deleting your .env.example file, and securing your secrets

Jake and Michael discuss some approaches to keeping pull request review times short, and using 1Password to free you of having to keep track of your environment variab...

Electric trucks, multiversal madness, and choosing TALL

Jake and Michael discuss pool pumps, electric trucks, Doctor Strange (no spoilers), and when you might choose and use the TALL stack.

Refining workflows, social media rabbit holes, and migrating from Bootstrap

Jake and Michael discuss Australians pronouncing words, Matt Stauffer's glorious beard, with a treacherous detour into recent political discussion, before correcting c...

A boy's first footy game, scheduling Vestaboard messages, and a update

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss Michael taking his son to his first game of footy, approaches to handling variable message scheduling for Jake's Vestaboard, ...

Vim throwdown, Part 4

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Eric Van Johnson to talk more about Vim, using Vim bindings in other editors, similarities and differences between them...

Vim throwdown, Part 3

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Jess Archer to talk more about Vim, covering motions, text objects, managing projects, working with tmux, and more.

Vim throwdown, Part 2

In this episode, Jake and Michael continue their journey down the Vim rabbit hole, and cover thrilling topics such as the leader key, custom bindings, vim-test, and Gi...

Vim throwdown, Part 1

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Jesse Leite, and kick off a mini-series on using Vim for PHP development.

Using Saloon to integrate external APIs with Sam Carré

In this episode, Jake catches up with Sam Carré again to discuss his latest package, Saloon, which gives you a beautiful, standardised way to build your own API integr...

Cured mystery meats, faking Wordle, and SMS as an app interface

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss delicious cured mystery meats, faking Wordle as a form of code Kata, and using SMS as an interface to your applications.

New year, new job, new start

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss Michael's new job, YAGNI, and approaches to working your way into a new codebase and a new industry.

A Christmas Extravaganza

Jake and Michael are joined by No Plans To Merge's Caleb Porzio and Daniel Coulbourne, as well as TJ Miller (not the actor), and Chris Gmyr to look back at 2021, forwa...

Industrial shifts, polymorphism, and single table inheritance

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss Michael's change in job (again), and when you might choose single table inheritance over polymorphism.

Authoring Statamic content with Jesse Leite

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Statamic's Jesse Leite to discuss some of the various content authoring strategies available in the flat-file content m...

Programming in pairs, statically generated PHP, and how even does Statamic work?

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss a number of tools used for pair programming, approaches to statically generating sites in PHP, and show that despite Statamic...

Bringing tests into vanilla PHP apps, trust over process, and seeding tests

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss the all the work to consider before introducing tests to a vanilla PHP app, trusting people over adding layers of process, an...

Augmenting, refactoring, and modernising deeply legacy code

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss some of the challenges faced when modernising deeply legacy PHP code.

PHP 8.1, DTOs, and optimising your database

In this episode, Jake and Michael remember 9/11, talk about upcoming PHP 8.1 features, Data Transfer Objects, and approaches to optimising your database.

Finals footy, deeply legacy code, and testing Laravel Spark

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss 2021's AFL finals series, cricket, reinvigorating deeply legacy code, and some approaches for testing Laravel Spark.

Riding Sidecar with Aaron Francis

In this episode, Jake speaks with Aaron Francis about his project Sidecar.

Reminiscing, testing validation, and (not) paddlin' your database

In this, our 100th episode, Jake and Michael reminisce over the past five years of the show, discuss having (and then not having) kids, testing form validation, testin...

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