Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda conquer a 14.5 hour time difference to talk about life as web developers

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Migrating from Vapor, green energy, and housing your validation

Jake and Michael discuss migrating thenping.me off of Laravel Vapor and the teething issues that ensued, which somehow segued into provisioning of green energy, and en...

Speeding towards Vite, Shifty workbenches, and documenting your applications with JMac

Jake and Michael are joined by Laravel Shift's Jason McCreary (JMac) to discuss to latest frontend tooling for Laravel, Shift Workbench, and approaches to documenting ...

Keeping review time down, deleting your .env.example file, and securing your secrets

Jake and Michael discuss some approaches to keeping pull request review times short, and using 1Password to free you of having to keep track of your environment variab...

Electric trucks, multiversal madness, and choosing TALL

Jake and Michael discuss pool pumps, electric trucks, Doctor Strange (no spoilers), and when you might choose and use the TALL stack.

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