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Scaling databases, dispatching jobs, and taking charge of teams

Jake and Michael discus the perils of scaling the MySQL database for an application, the handiness of dispatching jobs, and taking charge of development teams.

Theodor Geisel, complex validation, and compiled assets in git

Michael and Jake discuss the books of Theodor Geisel, complex validation and when to reach for form requests, and discuss whether or not you might store compiled assets in your version control.

Getting Shifty with JMac

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by JMac to discuss maintainable code, keeping your Laravel codebase up to date, and more.

Laracon Online, payment processing, and handling webhooks

Jake and Michael recap Laracon Online, event sourcing, payment processing, sharing migrations and models, and handling webhooks

Logging stacks, proxying SQL, and database clusters

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss logging stacks in Laravel, ProxySQL and Galera Cluster, and state machines (which have started to grow on Michael) Thanks to this episode's sponsor, Andreas Hubenthal!

Queued jobs, web sockets, and exceptional bailouts

Jake and Michael discuss queueing jobs at scale with Laravel Horizon, web sockets implementations, and using exceptions to bail you out of handling falsey conditions.

New year goals, returning to the gym, and snow shovelling alternatives

Jake and Michael return for 2019, sharing their personal and technical goals for the year, talk about refactoring legacy code and introducing tests, and Jake shares more of his adventures with Laravel Nova.

Third annual North Meets South meets Dads in Dev meets TJ Miller meets Chris Gmyr Belated Christmas Extravaganza Podcast

Jake and Michael are joined by David and Andrew of the Dads in Dev podcast, along with TJ Miller (not the actor/comedian) and Chris Gmyr to wrap up 2018 and look ahead to 2019 #cashmoney

Vue transitions, file uploads, and conventional wisdom

Jake and Michael record a live episode, and discuss Vue transitions, file uploading, and share some conventional wisdom.

Reconstructive surgery, time management, and scaling infrastructure

Jake and Michael catch up for the 50th episode and discuss Michael's ACL reconstruction, time management, and scaling infrastructure.

Laracon AU, form building, and advanced learning

Jake and Michael discuss the very first Laracon AU, designing and building forms, using Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS, and advanced learning.

Type-safety, BladeX, and HTML emails

Jake and Michael return to discuss the introduction of further type-safety in PHP, BladeX, finite state machines, and rendering HTML emails.

Reinventing form controls, typing ahead, and converting MySQLi to Query Builder

Jake and Michael return after a two month (!!) summer hiatus

Nova, bootleg live streams, and static site hosting

Michael and Jake return just in time to talk about the upcoming secret Laravel project, Nova, Laracon US 2018, static site hosting, and more!

Event sourcing, auditing, and finite state machines

Jake and Michael make their return to discuss event sourcing, auditing and reporting, and finite state machines after a busy real life schedule kept them away from recording for a month!

ANZACs, queues, and file uploads

Jake and Michael return in an irregular time slot to discuss ANZACs, scaling Laravel, queues, handling file uploads, and more!

Mechanical keyboards, shared databases, and code thoughts

Jake and Michael discuss their new keyboards, Michael tells us about an app using shared database models and migrations he got into production, and we both discuss the code thoughts experiment on Telegram.

Stimulus, Glitch, and smart speakers

Jake and Michael talk about the latest open source contribution from Basecamp, Stimulus, keeping up to date with new technology, and smart speakers.

Work, Books and Movies, and Controversy

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Cash Money Cowork members TJ Miller and Andrew Del Prete to talk about work, books and movies they've been reading, and controversial topics.

Drop sets, engaging stakeholders, and real time stats with Matty Lantz

Jake and Michael were joined by Matty Lantz and covered such topics as working out, the recently completed Laracon Online, engaging stake holders, and real time stats with Facebook Insights.

Model accessors, style guides, and Nomads

Jake and Michael return for 2018 and discuss model accessors for relationships, documenting style guides, shared database migrations, and more!

The second annual Dads in Dev meets North Meets South meets TJ Miller Christmas Extravaganza web podcast (Part One)

Andrew Del Prete, David Hemphill, and TJ Miller join Michael and Jake for their second annual Christmas crossover podcast. We talk about things we learned, best memories, favourite books and movies of 2017 and what we're looking forward to in 2018, as well as play a little Christmas trivia.

Professor Plum in the library with a wrench

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about Clue, Laracon, working with legacy applications and migrations, machine learning, and CSRF protection.

Secret trips, status pages, and communication

In this episode, Michael teases about the secret purpose of his Sydney trip, before moving on to the topic of status pages and reporting service disruptions, as well as communicating with peers.

Code reviews, view composers, and Stranger Things

In this episode, Jake and Michael speak about Thor: Ragnarok and Stranger Things 2, before diving into reviewing code and view composers.

Promises, Empathy, and the Ivy Lee Method

Jake and Michael talk late into the night about Andrew Del Prete's JavaScript Promises course, uploading files to Amazon S3 with DropzoneJS, books they've been reading, and more.

Aussie slang, deep delegation, and gathering requirements

Jake and Michael return to share some of the Aussie slang Jake has been learning and cover such groundbreaking topics as this year's Hacktoberfest, deep delegation, gathering requirements, and more!

Managing timelines, wireframing, and nested Laravel applications

Jake and Michael continue with their developing journey and share their approaches to managing timelines. They also talk about different wireframing techniques and setup some future episodes with discussion around containing multiple applications in a single Laravel install.

Conventions, configuration, and becoming a lead developer

Jake and Michael return after a few weeks' hiatus and discuss Michael's new role as a lead developer and the slightly softer focus for the podcast moving forward.

Podcasting, side hustles, and the importance of being earnest

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by up-and-coming Laravel community members Caleb Porzio and Daniel Coulbourne for a casual chat about a wide array of topics from podcasting, to side hustles, and the importance of being earnest.

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